8 Characteristics of Healthy Men Leaders....

by Authentic Manhood
1.  Are not just focused on a bunch of rules to follow or some code of conduct that makes them look like they have it all together.  They live with a biblical vision that centers their manhood on the hope of the gospel, with Jesus as both their savior and their model for authentic manhood.
2.  Run TO God, not FROM God, with all of their fears and failures and questions and desires, ultimately trusting Him and His will for their lives.
3.  Have a life-giving spirit about them toward others as opposed to a life-taking, self-first spirit that is all about their own significance, comfort and control.  You can see and feel this in their relationships, their marriages, their fatherhood, their work lives.  They give life to others as it’s been given to them by Jesus.
4.  Are more than just believers and doers.  They pursue an emotionally healthy spirituality. They understand we are created as emotional and spiritual beings who are made to live fully in healthy, heart-level relationships with others and with God.  This means that they lead not just from their heads (which comes more naturally for most men), but also from their hearts (they are in touch with their humanity, their feelings and needs, and their emotional health and how it is integrated with their spiritual health).  
5.  RECEIVE FROM God more than they GIVE OUT FOR God.  In other words, they apply God’s grace to the shadows of their own hearts and understand that Jesus has accomplished EVERYTHING for them … that any GIVING OUT on his own part is out of worship and obedience and thankfulness for what he’s received by God’s grace.
6.  Abide in Jesus.  They build time into their lives to listen to Jesus, giving thanks to Him, reading His truths, praying to Him, being still with Him … time where they are allowing His grace to melt their hearts with a gratitude that they can’t help but share with others.  Healthy leadership flows from abiding with Jesus as it fuels men to share a gospel-centered authentic manhood with other men.
7.  Lead with humility.  They model the leadership example set for us by Jesus when He humbled Himself by taking the form of a servant.  In humility, they count those they are serving as more significant than themselves.
8.  Don’t guess at or wade through all of the confusing messages being shouted at them by this world of what it means to be a man, but are thoroughly equipped with a clear vision of authentic manhood.  They understand that authentic manhood begins and ends with the gospel of Jesus Christ and that no self-help list of manhood to-do’s will ever give them a complete vision of it.
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