The Importance of Healthy Men Leaders in Church

by Authentic Manhood

If you have men in your church, then one of your top priorities must be to develop healthy men leaders. Your men desperately need a vision of what it truly means to be a man amidst the confusing culture we live in.

We live in a culture that is going so far as to label the idea of masculinity itself as something that is problematic and offensive. Much of that can be attributed to a world that is turning its back on God even down to our core identities as male and female. But much of it can also be attributed to the confusion of men even having a meaningful vision of what healthy masculinity looks like. As a result, many men are living out their own masculinity clumsily or passively or offensively or even abrasively. We’re in the midst of a manhood crisis.

It must become a priority for the church to step into this confusion and to develop men leaders who are healthy standard-bearers of a gospel-centered, authentic masculinity. We must move beyond seeing our men as halfway interested, sometimes-church-goers. Our men are an untapped resource that, if discipled with a clear and inspiring vision of manhood, could change the landscape of our churches and our culture. We must make it a priority to develop healthy men leaders who have hearts to lead and model a kingdom-minded manhood for other men, within and outside of the church.


One thing we know is that men are mostly influenced in their vision of manhood by other men:

  • by other men who care
  • by other men who are living it out
  • by other men who are leading out of grace and love, not judgment or browbeating
  • by other men who are safe and can be trusted
  • by men who are willing to spend time listening to and understanding fears and anxieties and desires
  • by other men who will lead and model authenticity

If we are ever going to establish a movement toward a healthy, gospel-centered, world-disarming masculinity, we must make it a priority to proactively seek out and develop healthy men leaders to model and lead. 

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